Manager log books……

There are those of us who don’t need research to prove that a good Manager log books can help. We clearly recall a Manager log book that changed the course of our lives, or that obviously helped us in our relationships, or even boosted our income. Yes, of course self help books can help us.

Now, there is the question of why they don’t always help. You may have a friend who has told you all about a great new self help book or theory, yet doesn’t seem to be much affected by it in the end. You may have read some Manager log books yourself that got you excited, but didn’t seem to “stick” in our mind or change your subsequent behavior or life.

One reason for this apparent ineffectiveness may be that you need to read each book more than once, and that Manager log books in general help most if they are read regularly. (It is also possible that the effects of such books can be powerful, yet too subtle to notice right away.


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